Cover Reveal: Taste Me Compilation

Taste Me CoverI’m excited to bring to you today the Cover Reveal for TASTE ME,  a collection of sexy scenes from the hottest releases of 2015, both newly released and coming soon. Looks like a good one!  This all-star lineup of authors includes bestselling authors…

Tijan, Alessandra Torre, Lauren Blakely, Skye Warren, CD Reiss, Anna Zaires, Red Phoenix, Cherise Sinclair, Kendall Ryan, Chelle Bliss, TK Leigh, Toni Aleo, Sam Crescent, Jenika Snow, Julia Sykes, Nina Levine, Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliot, Ainsley Booth, Katy Regnery, Shari Slade & Amber Lin, Shoshanna Evers, Pam Godwin, Carolyn Crane, Molly Joseph, Ella Sheridan, Karla Doyle, and Brooke Cumberland.

This compilation is intended as a free preview of this year’s hot releases to help readers find their next hot read!



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Review: Bad For Me by Codi Gary

Bad for MeGenre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  April 28, 2015
Publisher:  Avon Impulse

Book Description
Callie Jacobsen isn’t about to open her heart to just anyone. Not so very long ago, trusting someone changed her life forever—and not in a fun way. Now she’s better off focusing on her career, her friends, and her dog. So when former Marine Everett Silverton takes an interest in her, Callie’s more than a little wary. No matter how charming he is, men are a bad idea. In fact, she’s got the scars to prove it.

But Everett isn’t convinced Callie should shut everyone out—especially not him. He may be a hero to the people of Rock Canyon, but he’s got his own demons, and he bets they’re not that different from Callie’s. Still, he knows it’s going to take more than chemistry to get her to let her guard down. Everett will do whatever it takes to show her she’s safe with him. All she has to do is take a chance, take a step … and take his hand.

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My Review 1In Bad For Me, it was back to Rock Canyon, Idaho we go, where the heroines are sassy, fun and kind of messed up, and the heroes are too sexy for their own good🙂.

Bad For Me is Everett Silverton’s and Callie Jay’s story. Everett and Callie, both battle-scarred and fighting their own demons, can’t deny the special connection between them. Everett’s been hurt in the past by his ex-wife, but is open to the possibility of love again and is very interested in exploring the spark between him and Callie. Callie has not fully recovered from a horrible tragedy in her past and is afraid to trust again. She’s dead-set against getting involved with Everett. However, Everett with his charming ways and caring heart make it damn near impossible for Callie to resist him.

Everett is the stuff romance hero dreams are made of. A former Marine, he was injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan that left him badly burned and scarred on over 39% of his body including his face. After battling with his own PTSD, he started a non-profit counseling group for Veterans to help them make the often difficult transition back into civilian life. He’s a caring and kind man with a wicked sense of humor. He pulls no punches and tells things exactly as they are, which is a quality I love and respect. Everett was fiercely protective of Callie and seemed to know exactly what she needed, when she needed it. Oh and did I mention he was romantic too and sexy as hell? I could totally go on, but to sum it up, he had me swooning again and again with not only his words, but his actions too.

Callie was a character that I could not help but root for. She’d physically survived an unthinkable tragedy, but was still battling with the emotional fallout. Her struggles felt real to me and I cried for what she’d been through and was still going through. Her journey was a difficult, heartbreaking one, but I was glad she had a wonderful man like Everett beside her every step of the way. And the way she saw Everett for the beautiful, strong, caring man he was and not someone to be pitied because of his scars, totally endeared her to me.

Bad For Me deeply touched my heart and made me feel. I felt all the love, caring and patience Everett showed Callie. I felt the anger, pain and guilt Callie felt over the horrible tragedy she survived. And I felt the hope, trust and lightness Everett brought into her life. There were so many times I sat and read while fighting back tears or with them running down my cheeks.

Bad For Me is the fourth book that I’ve read in this series (I skipped one along the way!) and I have to say the best one yet. It was a beautiful, emotional story of love and healing and the author’s words were powerful and moving.

*An ARC was provided to me by the publisher via Edelweiss for my honest review.*

My rating:  5 stars

I love scarred heroes in my romances, both physically and emotionally.  The more scarred, the better for me🙂.  How do you feel about scarred or broken heroes?  Have any favorites?

Review: Nice Girls Don’t Ride by Roni Loren

Nice Girls Don't RideGenre:  New Adult
Publication Date:  April 21, 2015
Publisher:  Penguin Intermix

Book Description
Natalie Bourne thinks she has the perfect night planned for her twenty-first birthday. But when her car breaks down and her boyfriend bails on her, she’s left stranded in an auto shop dealing with a way too cocky, way too hot mechanic, who seems to be intent on pushing every button she has.

Monroe Hawkins knows he shouldn’t be messing with a girl from the uppity private college. Especially when he can tell she sees him as the help. But he’s having trouble resisting the redhead with the smart mouth and the killer legs. So when Natalie’s night goes from bad to worse, there’s no way he’s letting her spend her birthday alone. He makes her a deal—he’ll take her home but not until the sun comes up.

Ten hours, one motorcycle, and the city of Austin at their fingertips…things are about to take a major detour. And soon, there may be no U-turn in sight.

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My Review 1I loved this little novella so much! I read the sample and was immediately hooked!

Natalie and Monroe met when Nat’s car broke down on her way to celebrate her 21st birthday with her boyfriend. Her car breaking down was just the beginning of the craptastic events that threatened to ruin her birthday. However, along came sexy mechanic, Monroe, and suddenly Nat’s birthday was looking a whole lot happier🙂.

The writing in this novella was engaging and fun and Natalie and Monroe’s relationship felt easy and natural. Natalie was a sassy one and comfortable enough with Monroe to let him see her true self. Monroe was super hot, with his tattoos, motorcycle and charm to spare. Based on looks alone, he was your typical bad boy, but there was lots more going on beneath the surface with him. And the banter!! I love me some banter and it was great here; fun, flirty and sexy.

Nice Girls Don’t Ride was my first book by Roni Loren, but definitely won’t be my last. I loved it and like with any good novella, I wish it had been longer!! I loved Nat and Monroe and I’m hoping Ms. Loren gives us more of them in the future. If you’re looking for a quick, sexy, and fun read, then look no further. Nice Girls Don’t Ride was all that and more.

My rating:  4 stars

Have you read Roni Loren before?  Have a recommendation on where I should start on her backlist?

Review: Changing His Game by Megan Erickson

Changing His GameGenre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  April 28, 2015
Publisher:  Entangled: Brazen

Book Description
He controls the game, but she’s rewriting all the rules…

Marley Lake is no stranger to awkwardness, but getting caught watching a dirty GIF by the company’s hot new IT guy exceeds even her standards. That is, until she realizes he’s as turned on by it as she is. But with a big promotion on the line, she refuses to let her current dry spell be her downfall. Maybe.

Austin Rivers has no business lusting after the irresistible editor of Gamers Magazine. He’s a secret partner in the business—and technically Marley’s boss. One look at that GIF, though, and he’s ready to install a whole lot more than just software…as long as she never finds out who he really is.

But reality’s not as virtual as it seems, and when Austin’s identity jeopardizes Marley’s promotion, he has to change his game or risk losing the only woman with the cheat code to his heart.

Preorder:  Amazon | B&N | iBooks


My Review 1

Chad’s eyes sparkled. “So, Austin can check your software updates, huh?”
Marley rolled her eyes, but Chad wasn’t done. “And he can defragment your hard drive?”
“Perform some pair programming—horizontally?”
“Oh my God, stop now.”

Loved the techie humor in this book! Chad, Marley’s brother, had me chuckling throughout.

Austin Rivers meets Marley Lake when he answers an IT call she puts in at work after her computer freezes. While working on fixing Marley’s computer, a pornographic GIF she was watching prior to her call pops up onto the screen and both Austin and Marley find themselves majorly turned on. It turns out both Austin and Marley have admired each other from afar for a while now and so when they unexpectedly run into one another outside of the office, the sparks fly and they begin a steamy affair. There are numerous reasons for these two to keep their distance, and although they try to resist, the sexual attraction between them is too strong. However, when secrets are revealed and trusts broken, will there be enough between them to get past it all?

My feelings about this book are mixed. There was a bunch I really liked about it and a bunch I didn’t. Let’s start with the good. The blurb intrigued me immediately. I mean, how often is the hero of a hot romance novel an IT guy?! The hero of MY real life romance is a techie🙂, but you don’t see it much in romantic fiction. I thought the writing flowed smoothly, was engaging and oftentimes very funny. Chad was hysterical🙂. And Changing His Game was hot, hot, hot! There was lots and lots of sex featuring kink and dirty-talking and happening in all kinds of interesting places. I do not recommend reading this book in public or without an ice cold drink nearby🙂.

Now onto the not so good. I had a hard time connecting with the characters. As a heroine, I found Marley to be fine; she was likable but had no real outstanding qualities. Austin, the IT guy/hero who initially attracted me to this book, just didn’t do it for me. He came off as awkward and nerdy and was totally beta until he got into the bedroom. I like my romance heroes more on the alpha side, both in and out of the bedroom. I also felt the relationship between Marley and Austin moved too quickly from lust and toe-curling sex to love and gooey feelings. Their romance lacked an emotional connection for me.

Changing his Game was my first book by this author. While I didn’t love it, I would absolutely consider reading more of her work. I enjoyed her writing style and humor and with the right characters I’m sure I could really love her books.

I would absolutely encourage others to give Changing His Game a try. Just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for others.

*ARC provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

My rating: 3 stars

How do you feel about an IT guy hero?  Have you read other books that feature heroes that are Techies?  Would love to hear about it in the comments!

The Week in Review~April 19, 2015


Hey there!  It was another slow week of reading as I was still catching up on reviews that needed to be written.  However, once the reviews were done, I was able to finish up Bad For Me (Amazing!) and fit in two novellas.  Yay me!  I’m hoping to get back to more reading this week as I’ve been missing it😦.

This week on The Brunette Bookworm:

Books I Read This Week

Bad for MeHard To Be GoodTough Love


Books I Purchased This Week

Hard To Be GoodThe Mad Tatter

Upcoming Reviews

Changing His GameBad for Me

So kids that’s what I’ve been up to.  What’s new with you?  Been anywhere great?  Done anything fun?  Read any good books I should know about?  Would love to hear all about it!  Let me know in the comments🙂.

Review: Wild with You (Independence Falls #4) by Sara Jane Stone

Wild with YouGenre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  April 14, 2015
Publisher:  Avon Impulse

Book Description
Dr. Katherine “Kat” Arnolds left Oregon and never looked back at the town that failed her as a child. But when a new patient from Independence Falls joins her clinical trial, she returns determined to show everyone in her hometown how she has thrived—including her high school crush.

Brody Summers saves people. For years, he looked out for his younger siblings and ran the family business. Now he works search and rescue. After a failed mission, Brody plans to take an evening off. When a blonde city girl knocks him off his feet, he refuses to walk away from desire. But it doesn’t take long for Brody to realize the past is returning to haunt him—and it goes back farther than one wild night.

The last thing Kat wants is a reason to extend her stay in Independence Falls. But she can’t escape the memory of Brody’s wicked touch. As their passion heats up, Brody wonders if he’s falling for the one woman who doesn’t need rescuing.

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My Review 1

“Independence Falls, the people there, they don’t have a clue about your wild, dirty mouth, do they?”

“No.” His deep brown eyes stared into hers. “Only you, Kat. I’m only wild with you.”

Dr. Katherine “Kat” Arnold, a top Neurologist from New York City originally from Independence Falls, returns to Oregon to work with a patient on a clinical trial she co-created. The patient just happens to be Josh Summers, brother of Brody Summers, her big-time crush from high school. Kat grew up in foster care and was bounced from house to house until she graduated from high school and left for college at Harvard University. She was a shy, poor foster kid from the wrong side of the tracks who no one wanted once the checks ran out. Kat couldn’t get out of Independence Falls fast enough.

Brody Summers literally runs into Kat while in Portland working a Search and Rescue mission. The sparks fly between them and while she knows who Brody is immediately, he doesn’t recognize her. Upon seeing Brody is attracted to her, Kat decides to keep him in the dark as to her association with his brother. She wants one hot night with the man she’s been fantasizing about for years and is afraid that if he finds out she’s his brother’s doctor, he won’t act on his attraction to her. So consequences be damned, she keeps him in the dark and indulges in a little sexy fun with Brody. But what will happen in the morning when Brody finds out she’s his brother’s doctor??

Like all of the other books in the Independence Falls series, I really liked Wild with You. I thoroughly enjoy Sara Jane Stone’s writing. There’s a very engaging quality to it and she has a knack for forging a deep connection between the reader and her characters. There’s no melodrama and unnecessary angst in her books, which I appreciate greatly. Brody and Kat were both likable and relatable characters and their story felt real to me.

Kat was a great heroine, smart and sassy and confident enough to go after what she wanted which, in this case, was Brody. I thought it was refreshing that she as the heroine was the aggressor in pursuing Brody rather than the reverse. She overcame a sad childhood filled with lots of adversity and went on to become a successful neurologist, which I greatly admired. However, she still bore the emotional scars of a lonely, loveless childhood and was skittish about getting attached to anyone.

Brody was a pretty serious, responsible guy with a huge heart and a weakness for helping those he thought needed him. Between taking care of his siblings and volunteering with the Search and Rescue teams, not to mention working at Timber Moore, he had little time left to focus on his own wants and needs. I respected how selfless Brody was, but was so happy to see Kat weasel her way into his life and give him what he desired for a change. And surprise, surprise–underneath all of Brody’s seriousness and responsible nature lie a wild, dirty side that Kat was more than happy to indulge🙂.

Brody and Kat had tremendous chemistry. They got down and dirty quite a bunch in Wild with You and it was hot! There was lots of acting out of fantasies and even a little bit of kinkery🙂.

I loved seeing and catching up with the rest of the Summers siblings whom we got to know really well in the previous books. I know Ms. Stone has said that this is the last book in the series, but I’m hoping that changes because Id love a book for Josh, the youngest of the Summers siblings!

I would highly recommend this series and Wild with You to readers who enjoy engaging, small-town, sexy contemporary romances.

My rating: 4 stars

*Review copy provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.*
**Quotes are from an uncorrected e-proof and may not appear in the final product**

Have you read any of Sara Jane Stone’s previous books?  Have a favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.